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It can be difficult when it comes to choosing a dress for your wedding day, and going to a bridal shop can feel a little bit overwhelming if you are not sure what you are looking for. The best idea is to think about what kind of wedding you are having and where you are having it in order to find the right dress for you.

Beach Wedding


If you are having your wedding on a beach, you will not want to wear a dress that is made of heavy materials such as silk or satin. You will also want to stay away from corset tops and look instead to a lighter, more airy dress. Brides to be can search instead for dresses made of lighter materials, such as organza or chiffon that will be able to breathe much better and be cooler on a hot beach. When considering bridesmaid dresses, keep the same materials in mind. Trains should also be avoided as they tend to collect sand as you walk and if the beach is windy, it may be difficult to manage the train.

Rustic Weddings


Many rustic weddings feature dresses that are made of a lightweight lace for a romantic feel, or feature ruffles or organza draping. Most rustic weddings take place in the summertime, so it is best to keep lighter fabrics in mind when choosing your perfect dress. Lace can come in many different patterns and designs, and usually comes in white or off white coloring. Ruffled skirts with corset bodices are also very popular, and still offer a more lightweight option than silks and can breathe a little better. Many brides choose to pair their dresses with stylish cowboy boots to complete the whole rustic ensemble.

Winter Weddings


Winter weddings usually come with extras for brides to keep warm, such as capes or faux fur shrugs or hand warmers. In the winter time, heavier materials are favored, such as silk and satin. Lace sleeves are more popular in the fall and winter, as well as shrugs that can be added to a dress for added warmth and style. The dresses can be layered or A-line, depending on what the bride desires.

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