3 Unforgettable Things To Do For Your Wedding Cruise

When it comes to wedding cruises, you want your special day on the high seas to be unforgettable. Whether you’re sailing to Alaska, the Greek Isles or even Cayman, there are some things you should know. Make your wedding cruise unforgettable with our handy guide below.

Go For Luxury (Or Convenience)

To make your wedding cruise unforgettable, you have to go for it! Luxury, that is. Packages are a great way to include non-sailing guests and get amenities like cake and a photographer included. If money isn’t an option, go for a smaller cruise line. For instance, Seabourn are intimate cruise ships with complimentary champagne and award winning chefs–you can even book the whole ship out for just you and your wedding party. No matter how you cruise, save room for The Captain’s Table!

If you consider going for convenience and staying local, try a dinner cruise.  Once you book a wedding on a dinner cruise, inquire about cruising free for future dates with the same dinner cruise. Usually that’s added incentive for planning your wedding there. Suppose you want to say “I do” on a dinner cruise, try the Spirit Cruises. I have personally attended a wedding on the Spirit of Baltimore Inner Harbor Dinner Cruise; you might be surprised on how much fun you can have.

Plan Ahead

This doesn’t mean necessarily mapping out your whole cruise, but if you’re taking kids and the family is coming along encourage them to have an itinerary. This will give you and your new spouse some quality alone time together. You can also let them know what days are yours, and yours only, as the newlyweds!

See The Sights

When it comes to cruises there are some spectacular things you can do to make your wedding unforgettable, and excursions are where it’s at! Check out local cuisine, watch whales, visit a wonder of the world, or snorkel with barracuda off the islands. No matter what kind of cruise you choose for your wedding, talk to the employees on board. These guys know the best beaches, places to eat, and little secret spots to really play up the romance. Also, do some serious research about the areas you’re going to in order to make the most out of your wedding cruise.

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