How to work with your opinionated groom?

Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed, stars from vampire themed hits the Vampire Diaries and Twilight, tied the knot on April 26th of this year. The couple was very good about keeping the day of their upcoming nuptials under wraps, in order to escape the limelight for their big day. They had a large wedding in Santa Monica with a rustic theme, involving white flowers and surrounded by friends and family. According to Nikki, Ian called most of the shots when it came to wedding planning which came as a shock to some of his fans. This follows a trend of more and more grooms, especially those who are in their twenties or thirties, sharing the responsibility of planning the wedding with the bride. This may cause some arguments in regards to your big day however. So how do you involve your groom while still getting what you want too? Here are a few tips for nuptials that will make you both happy.

Sit down and write a list of the things that you both want for your special day: Even if you and your man seem to be on the same wave length most of the time, it is very likely that you have different visions of what your wedding day will be like. Sit down and each of you write a list of the things that you want for your wedding day. Then go through your list and mark the top ten most important things that you want. After this look at your lists together and decide what elements may have to be eliminated or how you can incorporate something from his vision with one of yours. By planning the event together and involving the groom as much as he wants to be you will have the benefit of less stress and a wedding that you are both happy with.

Be fair: If you are mostly using his money to pay for the wedding then you need to allow him to have a large amount of input. It would not be fair of you to ask him to spend thousands of dollars on a wedding that he hates. While it a special day for both of you, if he is taking on a majority of the debt or he is emptying his savings account for your big day, allow him to make most of the final decisions when it comes to factors that he cares about.

Compromise: After you get married, you will have to become well versed in the art of compromise for a happy marriage, so it is best to start during your wedding planning. If you are in a stalemate over the music selection for your wedding or for the color of the centerpieces, make a compromise. Allow him to have his green and yellow centerpieces if he will allow you to have the Backstreet Boys cover band play at your wedding. If  you really are unable to come to an agreement, step back and put in perspective what is really important, your vision of being pulled in by a horse drawn carriage or being happy as you start your life with your future husband.

Having your groom heavily involved in the planning of your wedding may feel as if he is getting on your last nerve, but sharing the demanding job of planning a wedding will leave less stress for you and allow you to grow closer together as a couple in the months leading up to you big day. If your groom wants to help in the decision making let him, his ideas may surprise you. By working together you can make the journey to becoming husband and wife uniquely yours as you start your lives together.

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